Welcome to Elite Spine Clinic in Marylebone / Mayfair, London, W1G

The clinic of expert spinal practitioner Gugan Hair, with over ten years professional clinical experience, she offers London's leading service of bespoke spinal rehabilitation programmes for people with long term back and neck pain. 


Have You Suffered With Years of Back or Neck Pain?

Have you had an injury that just will not recover? Have you seen doctors and other practitioners yet still suffer with pain? Do you feel that the root of the problem has never been addressed? If you're frustrated by lack of permanent results, then you need to call 0203 514 8957 today!


Do You Work in an Office?

Are you in pain whilst sitting at your desk? Is your desk and chair set up correctly but you're still experiencing pain? Are you working long hours in stressful work? Seen physiotherapists and doctors but still no help? If you're getting sick of the medication and want to return to health, then you need to call Gugan today.

Bespoke Rehabilitation with Cutting Edge Technology

Gugan tailors bespoke rehabilitation treatment programmes involving cutting edge technology and scanning techniques. These techniques are scientifically proven for their effectiveness and are unique to this clinic. Focused on long term relief and permanent solutions, Gugan's unique treatment programmes aim to resolve the root cause of the problem and stop it from coming back.


A Different Approach

Our Elite bespoke programmes are a new way of solving neck and back pain. The focus is to fully resolve pain in the long term and restore a healthy body to prevent future injuries occurring. Our technologies are the latest on the market and gentle to ease you incrementally towards recovery.


Trusted Healthcare

Elite Clinic patients highly rate the service as excellent and receive regular postive feedback. Gugan has successfully treated thousands of happy patients since opening the Marylebone clinic in 2012. We are very proud to have won awards for Customer Service Excellence from


Restore your health, call now on 0203 514 8957 

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