Free Telephone Consultation

Not sure if we can help you?  Call 0203 514 8957 today to book a free 20 minute telephone consultation to discuss your case with Expert Gugan Hair.  She has helped thousands of patients to resolve their pain and prevent it from returning. Most patients who have been treated at Elite have seen other practitioners before without any success. Gugan's patients always say they should have come to Elite first. 

Free Child Spinal Checks

Postural abnormalities in children are improtant to detect early to make appropriate decisions for their future health. Early detection can reduce the likelihood of the child's posture getting worse as they get older and can enhance their health for sport and potentially reduce growing pains. 
If you suspect your child has a scoliosis or postural abnormality, call 0203 514 8957 today for a free 20 minute appointment for an expert opinion.


Emergency Appointments

Are you in pain and need an emergency appointment today? If there is availability, Gugan can offer a quick consultation, conservative treatment and guidance. 
45 minute Quick Consultation             £95
Need quick, effective emergency care for spinal pain from a trusted and exerienced expert? You need to call 0203 514 8957 now


Insurance Patients Welcome