Testimonials and Reviews

April 27th 2017
"I went to see Gugan during a highly stressful period in my life. I had worrying symptoms of migraines, muscle ache, spasms, tremors and dizziness due to stress. Her treatment immediately alleviated a lot of the most worrying symptoms, which was such a relief. I was recommended to Gugan via Bupa, which was great as it took the further hassle of bills and payments away. I was very impressed with her knowledge, and the clinic itself was clean, well decorated, with friendly staff who put me at ease. Gugan herself always gave me good advice and her kindness, patience, professionalism were all greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend her to everyone!"

April 26th 2017
"I went to see Gugan with back and shoulder pain and the treatment and manipulation that she administered has really helped to remove the pain and improve the mobility in both areas. She has given advice on exercises to do away from the Clinic to help my ailments. She is very professional and nothing is too much trouble. Appointments are easy to book, on time and good value. 

April 24th 2017
"I would like to express my appreciation for all the help you have given me over the past two years, which has been of great benefit. Your confirmation that, at least past of, my problem emanates from an old untreated neck injury, and your guidance about exercises, diet and supplements to improve the flexibility, stiffness and movement of my fingers and wrists has taught me to manage everyday activities better. You also drew to my attention the need to constantly relax my muscles and hold my neck correctly, both of which were contributing to my pain. Now that I have an insight into all the factors involved, I should be in a better position to manage what cannot be cured and to live my life as fully as possible."

April 24th 2017
"As an athlete I am grateful Gugan for everything she does in getting my body in the best shape possible to train and compete. Postural assessments and the exercises I've been given have certainly helped prevent and cure my many injuries and niggles.

April 23rd 2017
"I visited Gugan following a fall I had and couldn't get much joy from the NHS. I was in a lot of pain and unable to manage my everyday life especially the care of my disabled son because the medics couldn't decide what was wrong. The best they could offer was pain killers till I'd had a scan but that would mean waiting for weeks. Gugan was very empathetic and understanding of my predicament and eagerly gave me help, support and advice that was very positive towards my recovery both physically and mentally. Gugan was very respectful and was non judgemental about the incident making no reference to it being attributed to my age as did some of the other medical staff. She is a kind hearted young lady who takes her job of improving the well being of her clients seriously. I have great admiration for Gugan and I would wholeheartedly encourage any of my family or friends to seek support from her in their quest to relieve their pain and improve their health.

April 21st 2017
"I find Gugan to be extremely professional and knowledgeable and able to identify and correct my back and hip issues effectively. Most recently I had extreme discomfort in my left hip/lower back and was struggling to walk properly. But by my third session I had forgotten what the discomfort felt like. Her treatment definitely works for me and has done so for quite some time. So I would happily recommend."

December 5th 2015
"Gugan is a fantastic Osteopath who can treat a wide variety of problems ranging from shoulder problems to the treatment of babies and many more. She has a very positive attitude and no problem is too large or too small for her to tackle."

July 7th 2015
"I have been having problems with my back and shoulder and the treatment provided by the physician Gugan Hair of Elite Spine Clinic has really helped to alleviate the problems. As well as the fantastic treatment in house, Gugan has also given me advice of exercises to be performed and medication to be used to ease the pain when away from the Clinic. The Clinic is very professional and appointments are easy to book."

April 22nd 2015
I had tried many different treatments over the years to get rid of my headaches, but it wasn't until I came to Elite Clinic that I found a treatment that worked. Gugan is lovely, friendly, and gave me exactly the treatment that I needed."

September 1st 2014
"I recently sought help for lower back pain and went to an Osteopath for the first time. I found Gugan extremely professional, very pleasant and she made me feel very comfortable whilst working on the root causes of my discomfort. She also taught me useful stretches which helped. If you have any sort of discomfort and have had no joy with your GP, I would highly recommend exploring this avenue."

June 12th 2014
"For many years, I have endured a chronic back and neck pain condition all due to continual bad posture at my drawing board. Gugan alleviated all my symptoms almost immediately and following a series of treatments, I can honestly say has made me pain free and in a far more healthy and optimistic condition to carry on with my working life."

June 10th 2014
"I hired Gugan when I had back pain after lifting a chair and she was thoughtful, attentive and delivered excellent consultation. Her professional attitude and commitment to her patients leaves me no hesitation in recommending her to peers."

May 30th 2014
“I had four sessions with Gugan to remedy a lower back problem in December 2012. She clearly explained what she was doing and why at every stage of the treatment and takes a highly professional approach to her work. She takes a genuine interest in her patients, listens well and matches tact and diplomacy with humour as required! Open to hearing about fresh approaches, she is very bright and highly recommended!”"

February 12th 2014
"I was a patient of Gugan Hair during 2011, seeing her six times for an episode of care for back and shoulder pain. My pain disappeared and mobility improved sufficiently. I also consulted following a damaged ligament in my ankle. This improved following the consultation. As well as being an excellent Osteopath, Gugan was extremely professional, having a confident and friendly approach which made me feel relaxed and assured of her skills. She always informed me of what she was doing and why; she took time to answer my questions."

October 2nd 2013
"Having sought the skills and support of Osteopaths for almost 60 years, I can honestly say that Miss Gugan Hair has proved the most skillful, efficient and successful in repairing my damaged back, knees and neck.
Miss Hair has a novel approach to treatment, no jerking ones limbs about – just amazingly effective manipulation."

September 4th 2013
"Treatment was really good. Gugan explained what was wrong with my shoulder to cause my pain and I already am starting to feel better after my first treatment. I highly recommend this clinic."

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